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The Elephant Group Properties

Airport City Center

udapest, Összekötő u. 2, 1173

Project value: € 8,400,000

Plot size: 99,086 sqm

Bulding size: 22,853 sqm

Building Rights: 76,233 sqm

Type: Income producing

Usage: Office & Storage

Status: Developed and Sold

Project description

Location: 1173 Budapest, Főekötő utca, Strázsahegyi dűlő utca

The 99,000 sqm site is located in Budapest XVII district . The new and old industrial and commercial sites, House of Companies, House of Craftsmen, EGE site, Mixing area.

Warehouses, workshops, offices, areas for rent can be found here in a wide range of sizes. 18 nm to 1,200 nm.

These rental premises are located in green areas, beautifully landscaped, well-maintained and guarded sites.


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