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The Elephant Group Properties

Malomdomb Lakókert

Mill Hill Gardens

Project value: € 29,067,720

Plot size: 22,021 sqm

Bulding size: 22,021 sqm

Building Rights: 0

Type: Residential

Usage: Apartments

Status: Developed and Sold

Project description

Location: Budapest, XVI. district Felsőmalom utca, Alsómalom utca, Bóbitás utca.

The Mill Hill Residential Garden dates back to the 16th century. district is located at the top of a 2.2 m high hilly area bordered by Bóbitás utca and Alsómalom utca, 170 m high, thus providing a favorable view in the direction of both Buda and the underlying hills of Csömör. The surroundings of the plot were parceled out in the early 1990s, thus starting the dynamic development of the region. The part facing Bóbitás Street is bordered by high-value family houses, while the three-storey condominium zone has been established on the Ostoros út side.

Regarding the location of the buildings, the designers paid careful attention to both the ideal orientation and the harmonious connection with the plot. The buildings are made with traditional construction technology that has been proven for hundreds of years, from long-lasting, high-quality materials.

On the 22,000 sqm plot, the project was implemented in two phases, a total of 342 apartments were handed over.

M4M0 - 938,000 sqm development Site is located in the city of gyomro at the intersection of the M4 and M0 highways just off the Budapest international airport.


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